Equilibrium Functional Zone will introduce revolutionary training systems to maximise calorie burn and muscle toning in a 45 minute functional class style. New classes and training methods will be released each month to enhance your body’s ability to transform in combination with maintaining variety and enjoyment across all sessions. 

We will also be continuing to run a variety of classic group fitness classes, including Zumba, Pilates, Yoga, Balance and Boxing so there is something for everyone!

women performing medicine ball partner workout
man performing barbell bench press

24/7 GYM 

We provide our members with the latest equipment in a relaxed environment, with the support and guidance of our health and fitness professionals to help you get results. 

Whether you need an individualised program or personal training, we’ve designed a 24/7 community gym to assist you reaching your fitness goals.

70+ Classes Every Week

Our dedicated group fitness instructors offer an array of classes, including Reformer Pilates, Functional Classes, Yoga and many more to help you reach your fitness goals.

24/7 Access

We are both 24/7 and fully staffed, so there is no compromise. Our trainers are here to help you implement tailored diet and training plans, helping you make full use of our cutting-edge equipment.

Community Felt Gym

We tailor for all demographics, from weight trainers to yoga lovers. Our gym is the go-to health and fitness hub for the local community. All ages, all training styles.

Get a 7 Day Pass

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